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How to Apply

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How to Apply

Stephen Johns

Applicants for tourist visa should present :

1. Evidence of stable employment stating :
• Name of current employer
• Name and Surname of applicant
• Job title
• Length of service years with the company
• Whether trip is sponsored by company or individual and grant of permission to travel for period specified
2. Proof of sufficient financial support e.g. Bank saving, Bank statement
3. A copy of national ID card and certify by applicant
4. A copy of passport and certify by applicant
5. Two (2) passport-sized photographs (no older than 6 months)
6. Completed Form J visa application and signed by applicant
7. Transit visa (s) information (optional)
8. Flight ticket reservation must be produced before the visa will be granted
9. Travel itinerary with submission of documents
10. Proof of accommodation for entire stay
11. Contact details including telephone information for sponsor of individual visitors must be provided
12. If a sponsor is provided :
• Sponsor’s letter of guarantee for the applicant
• A Copy of passport
• Bank certified letter
Remarks :
• The completed FORM J visa and all documents file will be in PDF format as 1 file up to 3 MB size.
• Scanned copies have to be in color if the original is also in color.
• The processing time for visa application is 45 working days or more at the discretion of The Embassy of Jamaica, Beijing for any reason.
• The applicants are advised to submit visa application in advance prior to travel as there is no guarantee that your application will be considered in time to travel.
**Noted : Passport must be present on the day

Nationals of countries subject to or exempt from visa requirements

>> Persons who do not require visas to enter Jamaica as Tourists

Citizens of Commonwealth countries, excluding Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin islands and Zimbabwe, for a period not exceeding 6 months;
Citizens of the Irish Republic, who are treated as Commonwealth citizens for immigration purposes;
Nationals of the following countries for the periods specified below:

>> Not exceeding 14 days


>> Not exceeding 45 days

Costa Rica
Hong Kong (holders of Passports of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)

>> Not exceeding 90 days

Federal Republic of Germany
San Marino
South Korea
United States of America (for a period not exceeding 6 months)

Persons who may be issued Visas at Consular Post without Reference to the Ministry of National Security or at Ports of Entry or on Arrival (VOA)

>> Not exceeding 90 days

Albania – Latvia
Andorra – Lithuania
Armenia – Macedonia
Azerbaijan – Moldovia
Belarus – Poland
Bulgaria – Romania
Croatia – Russian Federation
Czech Republic – Slovak Republic
Estonia – Slovenia
Georgia – Taiwan
Hungary – Tajikistan
Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan
Kyrgyzstan – Ukraine

Nationals of these countries must satisfy the Immigration Officers in Jamaica of their bonafides and must be in possession of the following documents:
Valid passport/travel document;
Return ticket with re-entry visa for persons who are not nationals of their country of residence, or visa and airline ticket for an onward destination;
Funds to cover duration of visit or proof of adequate arrangements for accommodation and maintenance during the visit.

Person whose Visa Applications must be Referred to the Ministry of National Security / Passports, Immigration & Citizenship Agency (PICA) for Approval

Foreign nationals wishing to enter for permanent residence;
Foreign nationals intending to take up employment, establish business or to engage in professional practice, unless in possession of a permit issued to the employers by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, authorizing the employment of the foreign nationals.

Nationals of the following countries:


Afghanistan – Marshall Islands
Bahrain – Saudi Arabia
Bhutan – Sri Lanka
Cambodia – Syria
China (except holders of – Micronesia
Diplomatic and Official Passports) – Mongolia
Hong Kong – Myanmar (Burma)
Nepal – Indonesia
Pakistan – Iran
Palau – Iraq
Philippines – Jordan
Oman – Kuwait
Qatar – Laos
Samoa – Lebanon
Thailand – United Arab Emirates
Vietnam – Yemen


Algeria – Guinea-Bissau
Angola – Mali
Benin – Mauritania
Burundi – Morocco
Burkina Faso – Mozambique
Cameroon – Niger
Central African Republic – Nigeria
Chad – Rwanda
Comoros Islands – Sao Tome and Principe
Congo – Senegal
Djibouti – Somalia
Egypt – Sudan
Equatorial Guinea – Togo
Eritrea – Tunisia
Ethiopia – Zaire
Gabon – Guinea


Bolivia – Honduras
Colombia – Nicaragua
Cuba – Panama
Dominican Republic – Paraguay
El Salvador – Peru



Remark: travel on cruise ship with day visit to Jamaica does not need visa .

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